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The art of Woodstock Chiropractic Services is a branch of healing, which focuses on human health and processes of disease. That being said, Doctors of Chiropractic services in Woodstock GA regard people as integrated beings and so in their practice, they pay particular mind to physiological and biochemical aspects of this being, including structural, spinal, musculoskeletal, neurological, vascular, nutritional, emotional and environmental. With careful analysis of the combination of all of those aspects, our Woodstock Chiropractor Services can help individuals manage their pain and in turn, have a greater positive effect on their overall health.

Treatment consists of a wide range of manipulative techniques designed to improve the function of the joints, relieving pain and muscle spasm. The actual physical execution of Woodstock Chiropractic services involves adjustment and manipulation of the body’s joints and soft tissues by hand. The word Chiropractic comes from the Greek words “praxis” meaning “to use” and “chiro” meaning “hand”. While Woodstock Chiropractic Services and  manipulation is generally thought of as treatment directed to the spinal column, Dr. Cleary utilizes a postural based approach called CBP or Chiropractic Bio Physics.  CBP is the most researched and evidence based technique in chiropractic and utilized not only chiropractic adjustments but exercises and traction resolve issues quickly and effectively.

Patients who are apprehensive about receiving Woodstock chiropractic services and adjustments are very quickly put at ease in our clinic. Dr. Cleary utilizes several methods of manipulative therapy and can accommodate any concerns, special needs or preferences our new patients (who may or may not be new to chiropractic) may have. As a leader in Woodstock Chiropractic Services, Dr. Cleary is the preferred choice for all Chiropractic Services in Woodstock.

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