Check out some of the changes our patients have been able to achieve as well as testimonials from our very own patients on how our team has changed their lives.

Before treatment

After treatment

Patient began treatment with neck and upper back pain for over 5 years. Severe postural abnormalities were noted specifically anterior head translation measured at 39 millimeters or over 1 1/2 inch. After treatment with adjustments traction and exercise patients symptoms were significantly reduced and forward translation was reduced to 24 millimeters or less that 1 inch.

Before treatment

After treatment

Patient presented with high levels of low back and hip pain. X-ray and postural evaluation determined a left list measured at 25 Millimeters or 1 inch of center. After treatment including a prescribed heal lift, specific adjustments, exercises and traction list reduced to 12 millimeters or less than half an inch. Patient reported significant decrease in frequency and intensity of back pain as well as improved gate.

Before treatment

After treatment

Patient reported with constant neck pain and frequent headaches. Upon evaluation early onset of spinal arthritis was discovered. Loss of normal cervical (neck curve) was found to along with anterior head translation. Both contribute to early onset of arthritis. Fallowing a coarse of treatment including specific adjustments, traction, and exercise patient reported significant improvement in neck pain and headache both in intensity and neck pain.

Before treatment

After treatment

Another case with anterior head translation and loss of cervical curve. Again with a combination of specific adjustments, traction, and exercise the patient was able to significantly improve their clinical picture.

Patient reported with constant neck pain and frequent headaches. Upon evaluation early onset of spinal arthritis was discovered. Loss of normal cervical (neck curve) was found to along with anterior head translation. Both contribute to early onset of arthritis. Fallowing a coarse of treatment including specific adjustments, traction, and exercise patient reported significant improvement in neck pain and headache both in intensity and neck pain.

Here what are patients have to say

I first came in to see Dr. Matt for neck pain and my migraines that had been ongoing for years. I was experience migraine headaches 2-3 days a week and my neck was always hurting. It finally got bad enough where I couldn’t take it anymore. When I went to see Dr. Matt he did a thorough exam and sat down and explained to me what was causing all this pain. Within the first few treatments I started to see results. I wasn’t having as many migraines and the ones I was having were not nearly as bad. After seeing Dr. Matt my neck pain and migraines are GONE! Also I feel as if I have so much more energy than before and I am able to enjoy my time with my grand-kids. Dr. Matt has changed my life. - Margo Lawrenceville, GA

I was in a bad auto accident where I was t-boned by a truck. When I went to the E.R. they just gave me pain meds and muscle relaxers but they only helped a little bit. I don’t like taking drugs and since they weren’t really helping the pain in my back I knew I needed help. I found Dr. Matt and he has helped me tremendously. He was very gentle and caring and even called me personally after my first adjustment to see how I was doing. None of my other Dr.’s have ever done that! After a few short weeks with Dr. Matt I felt as if I had never been in an accident. I would definitely recommend Dr. Matt to anyone who has been in a crash. - Margo Lawrenceville, GA

I came in to see Dr. Matt for lower back pain that I had been experiencing for over a year and a half. I was experiencing a lot of stiff and achy pain every morning when getting out of bed and it got worse with all the driving I was doing. After working with Dr. Matt for a short time my low back pain is gone and my back feels much stronger. Dr. Matt is a miracle worker! -Fred Saavedra Edward Jones.

Before Dr. Addison, I had been in pain for over a year with an MMA neck injury that caused me to constantly tug and pull on my neck. After seeing him for just a few weeks the pain and straining has completely disappeared and I can finally get back to training. - Jay Choquette, MMA Fighter

I have used Dr. Jason Addison for over 1 year now for my Woodstock GA chiropractic care and ART care and he is awesome at what he does. As a private baseball instructor and full time travel ball coach of three East Cobb Baseball teams I put my throwing arm and body through the ringer daily throwing over 4000 pitches per week since 1997. Jason has taken me from daily pain and worry that I would have to stop doing what I love and change careers to being pain free and worry free. His passion is infectious and he has educated me along the way not only about chiropractic but about strategies to improve my quality of life. I stay on a regular schedule with Jason because he has earned my trust and the treatment protocols work which is the most important thing to me, my family, my livelihood and my quality of life. I was so impressed with what he did for my arm and shoulder I asked him to work with my East Cobb Baseball team and players and now they are seeing the benefits of what he can do to help enhance their athletic careers and lives. - Victor, East Cobb Pride Baseball

As a runner, I experience constant aches and pains. I started seeing Dr. Addison specifically for ongoing knee and hip pain that kept me from training. After just a few visits not only did my knee and hip pain improve but I noticed my other aches and pains less. Since I started seeing Dr. Addison consistently, and now for maintenance, I no longer have to worry about missing training due to injury. I have also seen an overall improvement in my running form and running time! – Sara, Marietta, GA

Riding horse competitively, with all the injuries which go along with the equestrian sport, had brought me to Dr. Jason Addison. I had heard from another chiropractor that ART might help me resolve some of these old and new injuries. I have had several surgeries, over the last 10 years, to repair my left elbow, all the growth plates had been crushed, the tendon ruptured as well as the elbow itself broken. I have had a crushing injury to my left foot, broken left clavicle (3 times) and a separated left shoulder. After dealing with orthopedic surgeons (surgeries and cortisone shots) and other chiropractors, I showed up on Dr. Jason’s front step for some much needed help. I was completely one-sided. My right side was breaking down, due to over compensation. Honestly, I really could barely walk correctly and riding my young show horse was almost impossible. Dr. Jason worked the soft tissue on my shoulders, arms and feet. It was amazing that in such a short time period, I was really back on my feet with both my arms actually working better than I can remember. I started with Dr. Jason with my left elbow in almost a 90 degree angle, almost non-weight bearing. Now, 5 months later, I can almost completely extend my arm and bear weight of about 20 pounds. My entire body works better every day. I am in much less pain every day. I am much more capable of riding my horse over a 3 foot jumping course, safely. Thanks to Dr. Jason and the ART technique, I have regained freedom in my life to continue on with all of my passions. Thank you, Dr. Jason, for always being optimistic and literally giving my physical life back to me. – Christy, Cumming, GA

I am a competitive CrossFitter, we do high intensity workouts. With the loads that we repeatedly move overhead, I constantly have a little something out of whack or hurting. Dr. Jason and ART have helped tremendously in not only reducing the pain but also keeping me able to perform better consistently. – Chris, Marietta, GA

Having Woodstock chiropractic care and ART has helped my fibromyalgia tremendously. When I first began treatment there were days I barely made it out of bed. Today I’m functioning much better and I feel better. Sure there are a few flare-ups, but they are few now. I believe Woodstock chiropractic care has been a lifesaver for me. It’s given me a better quality life and for that I’m thankful. – Ginger, Woodstock, GA

I have been working as a mechanic for the past ten years and was diagnosed with carpal tunnel symptoms in my left hand because of the numbness I was experiencing on a daily basis. I heard about Active Release through a friend and decided to give Dr. Jason a shot. Within a few weeks, my hand numbness was gone and I actually regained strength! Wow, what a feeling to avoid surgery. I would recommend Dr. Jason to anyone that is thinking of surgery or has “tried” Woodstock chiropractic care. – Bobby, Kennesaw, GA

Tennis is a big part of my life. I have been playing ALTA tennis for years, but over the past two years have developed a bad case of tennis elbow. Up until seeing Dr. Addison, the pain had been so bad that it really limited my ability to finish out 1 set of tennis. I was used to playing 3-5 sets of tennis on any given Saturday so that was extremely frustrating. I went to the orthopedist who recommended a debridement of the tendon, then tried physical therapy, and also went to my Woodstock GA chiropractor for work on the elbow and shoulder. Nothing helped, and I was seriously considering surgery when a colleague of mine mentioned ART as an option. He had experienced relief from his running injuries using ART, and thought that I was the perfect candidate. I went to Dr. Addison and he explained the mechanism of my injury and my treatment options. After only a few visits, my pain had reduced by 60-70%! After a few more, my pain was totally gone, and I was back to playing tennis. ART is the best option for sports injury. – Kim, Smyrna, GA

Disclaimer: Results of individuals may vary.  With all medical treatment including chiropractic no specific results can be guaranteed.  We strive to achieve the best results with each patient but many factors can lead to varying results with each patient.

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