If you suffer from headaches you are certainly not alone.   According to the national headache foundation 45 million Americans suffer from chronic reoccurring headaches.   Many of these headaches if not a majority come from tension found in the joints and muscles of the neck.   As our society has evolved we as humans now live more sedentary lives and we spend a majority of our time in fixed positions.  This has lead to predictable postural changes that can and will contribute to headaches as well as shoulder and neck pain.


While there are many ways to treat headaches ranging from popping a pill, lying down, or just gritting through the pain, chiropractic may be the best treatment available to you.    Research done in 2001 at the Duke University Evidence-Based Practice Center in Durham, NC, found that spinal manipulation resulted in almost immediate improvement for those headaches that originate in the neck, and had significantly fewer side effects and longer-lasting relief of tension-type headache than a commonly prescribed medication.  At Advanced Pain and Spine Center we take the time to find the underlying cause to your headaches and work to address the problem with a comprehensive approach to significantly decrease the intensity and frequency of headaches.


Whether you chose chiropractic care, popping pills or just gritting through headaches keep these tips in mind to minimize your frequency of headaches

Drink plenty of water,  we recommend half your body weight in ounces.  So if you weight 100 pounds drink 50 ounces of water a day.   (headaches are one of the first signs of dehydration)
If you work at a desk job or computer practice proper ergonomics and be mindful of your posture.  Try and get out of your seat every 30 minutes.
Monitor your headaches.  Many headaches can be triggered by foods, alcohol, smells, lighting.  Write down and document when you experience headaches and see if there is a common trigger.
Avoid clenching teeth.  Many headaches will be tied into tension in you TMJ or your jaw joint.   Clenching teeth will increase these symptoms.
Many of our patients respond well to a cold pack or ice on the back of their neck.  If you experience increased pain refrain from icing.  Avoid falling asleep or leaving pack on too long to prevent frostbite.
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