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Neck and upper back pain has become the most common complaint seen in our office today. This increase in neck pain can mostly be attributed to the change in lifestyle that technology has created. While new technology in many ways makes our lives easier and more efficient, many our newest tech gadgets have a negative effect on your spine. Changes in our posture from long term use of tablets, computers, and cell phones is having a poor effect on our posture and in turn in our spinal health.   Our postural changes has been linked to increase in neck pain.  According to McAviney et al. in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics in 2004 those who complain of neck pain were 18 times more likely to have lost their normal cervical posture than those who did not complain of neck pain!


postural changes lead to neck pain

This change in posture is a term we have labeled as anterior head translation or forward head posture.   Not only has neck pain been associated with this but headaches, numbness and tingling into the arms, disc injuries, decreased range of motion,  loosening of neck skin, decreased lung capacity, and weakness have all been linked to these postural changes.   While trauma such as athletic collisions and auto accidents still cause many patients to seek treatment for neck pain repetitive stress injuries from our lifestyle is the leading complaint we see in our office.

It is important to seek professional help for neck pain if you are experiencing any of the fallowing symptoms as well

- numbness and tingling into the arms
- Pain in the arms
- Headaches
- Weakness
- Medication is not helping

At our office we take a unique approach to neck pain whether it is from an auto accident or repetitive stress built up over time.   We have state of the art therapies available to help relieve pain quickly including chiropractic adjustments, decompression, laser therapy, electrical stimulation and ultrasound.   We also are proud to offer Chiropractic Bio-Physics technique which postural based and the most researched technique in chiropractic.   By using CBP we aim to return your spine to its natural position allowing your body to heal itself quickly and hold those results for a long period of time.

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