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As you go about your day dealing with daily stresses within our personal and professional lives, have you noticed any back pain? Back pain is a leading sign that stresses are taking a toll on your body. It is our body’s way of storing it and telling you that we need to calm our lives. Sounds easy, but so many people have a hard time dealing with it or even worse; they have learned to live with the pain. At Advance Pain and Spine Center, we understand how stress can affect your body daily. Stop today and practice a few of these simple techniques to not only save your back by reducing pain, but also to calm your mindset and give yourself a very much need breath of fresh air.

Stretching is a great way to get your body moving and to help reduce stress at the same time. Every morning when you wake up, take a deep breath and stretch to wake your body up. It feels great, it is relaxing, and it gets us started for our busy day ahead. Continue to do this throughout your day about every 30-45 minutes. Take a moment and sit up and stretch. Moving around and getting some fresh air instead of staying cooped up in your office space will do wonders for your stress levels and the tension on your back. Even better, it will give you a little boost in energy from moving around.


Take some personal time daily. Whether it is ten minutes of an hour, take it to yourself. You owe it to yourself to just breath and relax. Do something you like to do like hike, jog, dive into a new book, or cook. Whatever it is you like to do, it will bring pleasure to your life and help to reduce stress levels, which will in return help your body towards recovering from all the build up.

Eating healthy seems redundant in today’s economy, but it really can help your body in many ways. What you put into your body will show eventually. As a professional chiropractor in the health industry, your professional Woodstock chiropractor understands that eating healthy must become a habit and it must be practiced daily.Start slow and cut out the fast foods, the occasional junk food, or sweet snacks. Pack your lunch daily with healthy snacks. If you simply cannot make the time to eat healthy, stop by your local nutrition store and pick up multi-vitamins to replace what your body is not getting daily. Taking care of your body will keep you going throughout the days ahead and allow you to remain healthy over the many years ahead.0198011001543935712.jpg

In addition to daily stretches, taking personal time, and eating healthy, visit Dr. Matt Cleary– your professional chiropractor for routine visits. Your Woodstock chiropractor specializes in realigning clients who suffer from moderate to severe back pain on a daily basis. They also take the time to understand that each patient is unique and has different problem areas, which is why every visit is tailored to your specific needs. Taking care of your back and getting checked from time to time will help you to not only learn more about what you can do to keep your body healthy, but also to keep your spine aligned and strong, preventing future pain.


Email us at our Woodstock location for additional questions or information today. Our professional staff is here to help assist you in any way that we can.

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