Fight the Common Cold

As the weather starts to change and people start spending more time inside you often hear a common phrase.  “I cought a cold.”  But is that really what happens

In truth, the cold just like any other virus are out there all the time and most of us come into contact with some form of virus several times a day, especially during “cold and flu season”.   If it was just as easy as catching a cold it would be nearly inevitable that after comming into contact with someone with the virus you too would soon have that same virus.   While it is certainly more possible to catch a cold from someone close to you it is not inevitable and that is where I would like to focus today.

See the cold virus and others are always out there, attacking your body. If your immune system is healthy and functioning properly, your body naturally defends itself, fighting off the virus.  You usually don’t realize when this happens and just continue to live life as your usual, healthy self.  On the other hand if your immune system is weak or compromised you stand little chance to fend off the virus and are in for a few days full of fever, coughing, sneezing, and a runny nose.

When You Lose the Battle…

When there is interference in your nervous system, it can get in the way of your immune system function. If your immune system is depleted, you’re unable to fend off the virus.

This is when you’ll start to notice the symptoms… the headaches, the stuffy noses, sore throats, and more.

It’s possible to have had a virus for three or four days before you begin to feel it, but once it arrives, it’s stressful and let’s be honest, it can be miserable.

Prepping for a Win

The way to set yourself up to win the battle against the cold, flu and all the other viruses out there, is to keep your immune system running smoothly. How?

1. Diet: Avoid sugar and eat more fruits and vegetables. The vitamin and antioxidant-rich foods help you fight off sickness.

2. Exercise: Stay active to help boost your immune system and stay healthy.

3. Sleep: Get the rest you need and help decrease your chances of getting sick.

4. Hydration: Get rid of toxins and stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the day.

5. Wash your hands:   To decrease your likely-hood of comming into contact with a virus be sure to wash your hands frequently, especially during cold season.

6. Chiropractic adjustments: Being adjusted when you’re sick may benefit your nervous system and your immune system. With your spine aligned properly, your nerves and entire body have the opportunity to function as designed. This may also help keep your white blood cell count up (the cells responsible for fighting off sickness) so you can feel your best and avoid getting sick.

Your body is incredible and designed to heal itself. By taking care of your health each day it’s easier for your body to fight-off sickness and feel great!

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