Stop Ignoring Your Body’s Check Engine Light

Tired? Thirsty? In Pain?  It’s Because Your Body Is Trying to Tell You Something…

Each of us is given this amazing, self-healing, self-regulating body. And, thankfully, it takes care of millions of details all by itself without having to give it any thought.

When you think about it it’s quite incredible.  If we have a virus our body induces a fever to help kill of the virus.   If we cut our finger our body seals off the the cut and replaces the injured tissue back to its original form.   We don’t have to think about it, or ask our body to do it.  Our body just knows.  It takes the soda and pizza you had for dinner and turns it into living breathing tissue to repair your cut.

As chiropractors we call this ability for your body to self regulate itself your innate intelligence.   Many times your body will send you signals that may not seem obvious at first that their are problems that need to be addressed.   For example headaches can actually be a sign of thirst and trouble concentrating can be a sign you aren’t getting enough rest.   Beneath are some common symptoms that may be indicating your body is lacking proper upkeep.

So What’s in Your Owner’s Manual?

  • Lack of exercise (check engine light= lack of energy and strength)
  • Lack of proper rest (check engine light= fatigue, trouble concentrating)
  • lack of nutritious diet (check engine light= hunger, lack of energy, digestion or weight issues)
  • lack of hydration (check engine light= thirst, headaches)


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