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For those of you who have been in an auto accident, you are well aware of the physical and emotional toll it can take on your body.   From dealing with pain and discomfort to get your car fixed, finding a rental car, and dealing with insurance companies it can be an extremely stressful time.   Many people because of all the stress and juggling that is involved after an accident do not take the proper steps to insure their health both short and long term is properly being cared for.

As a Chiropractor we see many people who have been in car crashes both soon after a crash and many times years after.   One common thread we see in auto accidents especially ones involving whiplash forces is a significant change in the structure of the cervical spines (neck).   Many people will ignore early symptoms and wait for them to go away without ever being fully evaluated for cervical injuries.   This is ill conceived because our bodies are incredibly capable of healing soft tissue injuries to the point where our pain and symptoms subside.  Unfortunately in many of these cases a faulty structure is left behind that will create problems down the road often several years or even decades down the line.  Significant changes in our cervical spine can and will cause degeneration of our spine at an increased rate.

Dr. Matthew Cleary, your Woodstock, Georgia chiropractor , has helped countless people recover from injuries suffered during a crash, and helped prevent the development of long-term symptoms.  Dr. Cleary is trained to not only get you quick relief after an accident but to the long term health of your spine.

If you or a friend are in an auto accident make sure you take the time to insure your spinal health not only for today but for the long haul.

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