Auto accident plan

Immediate Relief and Stability
Automobile accidents can have a severe effect on your life.  Fortunately, with proper chiropractic care you can achieve relief for your symptoms and more importantly stabilize your spine and properly support good spinal health moving forward.  It’s very simple if the car was damaged in a wreck there is a very good chance the people inside the vehicle were as well.   So if your car was damaged have your spine be evaluated by a chiropractor.

During examination, we can determine the extent of your injuries and deliver the care necessary to return you to pre-injury status as quickly as possible.

Sometimes the examinations we perform reveal underlying conditions not caused by the accident that are affecting your spinal health right now, or can affect your spinal health in the future.  In the case that  your injuries require medical attention, a competent chiropractor will direct you to the proper provider to treat  those conditions.

Your Long Term Health and Well Being
Not taking care of your current injuries now can affect your long term health.  It seems on a daily basis we see patients in our office that have suffered injuries five, ten, fifteen, years ago or more that never fully healed.  Often the forces of an accident will cause ligament damage to the spine.   Those ligaments will hurt for a period of time but eventually heal with scar tissue to the point they are not painful any more.   This is good in one sense that pain subsides but if that ligament has healed with scar tissue and is not of the same quality your spine will now face increased loading pressure.   This over several years generally leads to later un explained back pain and early spinal arthritis.   This is why treatment after an auto accident is so important.  Yes it is important to improve initial symptoms quickly so a patient can get back to work fast but as a provider it is more important to insure the long term stability and health of the spine going forward.

If you are in Woodstock Georgia and have are in an auto accident don’t hesitate to give Dr. Matthew Cleary and his staff a call to get you back to normal fast and to insure the long term health of your spine.

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