What type of Exercise is Best for You?

If you are thinking about starting an exercise program chances are you have been asking yourself what type of exercise is the most effective to reach your goals.   Their are many options out there you could concentrate on weight training to improve your strength, or running to improve your heart health, or maybe even yoga to improve balance and flexibility.   Chances are good as well that over the years you have seen various workout trends come in to favor.   Some of these the 8 minute abs and buns series,  Tae Bo, Jazzersize, HIIT, Orange Theory,  P90x and Crossfit.   Again the question becomes which one of these programs is the best fit for you.

Each Style of exercise provides a unique set of benefits.

For the vast majority of us the the best answer to the question of what exercise is best for you is to do a variety of activities that you enjoy.   Concentrating on only one type of exercise will lead to us getting bored of that exercise faster than if we add a variety of exercises.  Furthermore you will be narrowing the potential benefits that you will receive by only doing one style of exercise.   To insure you are getting the greatest benefit it is important to be aware of what exercises produce what benefits and what their weaknesses are.  Strength training with weights is great for building muscle and even strengthening bones but flexibility can be compromised.    Cardiovascular exercise such as running and biking is fantastic for heart but can quickly become boring for some people.   Yoga and pilates can be great for flexibility, strengthening, and balance but quite as good cardiovascular.   All of these style of exercise are great on their own but when adding different activities in on a constant basis the greatest overall health can be achieved.

No exercise itself is necessarily “better” than another.

Keep in mind that each style of exercise provides a different set of benefits and that no one is “better” than others.   While one style may be a better fit for you based on your goals you would like to achieve.   This just means that you might want to concentrate on that type of exercise more often than the others.  For example if you want to improve your overall strength above all else weight training might be your best option but you shouldn’t forget your cardiovascular training or flexibility and balance for that matter.

 Make it fun!

Finally the most important program for anyone is one that they can stick too.  So make it fun!  For myself I love to play hockey so I incorporated that in to my exercise at least once a week at least.   I love to be part of a team and work towards a common goal.  That may be important for many of you too.   If you are not part of a team or have a sport like that to play many gyms or other programs like orange theory and crossfit create that type of atmosphere and do a decent job of incorporation different types of exercise.   Others prefer to work out by themselves.   Just make sure you are challenged by switching it up and always setting goals and you should see improvement soon fallow after.    


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