Chiropractic Compared to Surgery for Sciatica

At Cleary Family Chiropractic we  work with many sciatica patients here in our Woodstock office.  Many of these patients have the same question.  Am I going to have to have surgery?  We are happy to report to these patients that most of the people we see for sciatica are able to achieve relief from their symptoms through conservative care including decompression, light adjustments, and core strengthening exercises. Furthermore the most recent research shows that many people don’t need surgery for this common problem, and that chiropractic  is more beneficial at resolving sciatic nerve pain.

One of the most utilized surgeries for sciatica pain is a microdiscectomy.   A study performed in 2010, 80 individuals with sciatica were separated into 2 equal groups of 40.   One of the groups received surgical microdisectomies, while the second group received chiropractic care.

Both groups showed improvement after treatment.   After a one yearpost treatmentfallow up there was no significant difference between the surgery group and the chiropractic group.   When looking closer at the data it was found 60% of the participating subjects who struggled to find improvement with treatments other than chiropractic and microdiscectomy.  These people also saw the same degree of improvement with both groups.

In conclusion chiropractic delivered the same benefits of surgery.   People who utilize chiropractic apposed to surgery are likely to benefit from less surgery-based pain, less recovery time associated with surgeries, save money, and have a lower risk of surgical complications.

If you are suffering from Sciatic pain and are in Woodstock Georgia area give us a call at 678-494-9668 and set up an appointment to discuss how we may be able to help you get back to normal.



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