The Worst Type of Auto Injury is the One Left Untreated.

The Worst Type of Auto Injury is the One Left Untreated.

At our Chiropractic office in Woodstock, Georgia we see people that have been in auto accidents on a daily basis.   Of all the injuries that we see in our office the worst ones tend to be those that are left untreated.   Accident injuries that are left untreated often will create problems that show up years down the road and can even become lifetime problems.

Since we are talking about cars lets think of your body like a car.  If your car is banged up and the check engine light comes on you may be able to drive like that for a couple of thousand miles with no problem.  Chances are though down the road that car is going to have very costly and time consuming repairs that are a result of ignoring the problems when they started.   With your body this can actually be worse.   See when we have injury and it never fully heals the body tries to adapt and will generally create a dysfunctional system of movement.   That dysfunctional system of movement is a problem in itself but soon after it will start to effect other parts of the body and make that dysfuctional.   Lets take a pebble in the shoe as an example.   Having a pebble in a shoe is a simple enough problem to fix but left alone most likely you will change the way you walk.   As you change the way you walk you will likely put more pressure on you ankle and knees.   Those ankles and knees can then develop scar tissue that further complicates the issue.   Bad ankles and knees can force undue loading pressure on the hips and so on.

In auto accidents we usually see trauma that has been introduced to the spine which will cause pain for several days or weeks.  Our body being amazing at healing will reduce inflammation and heal some of the soft tissue thus eliminating pain.   Little do we know that structural changes may have taken place that leads to serious problems such as arthritis, degeneration or more serious conditions down the road.


How to Avoid This Type of Auto Injury.

The best way to avoid this type of injury from happening is by insuring you are evaluated by a chiropractic professional after your auto accident to insure that you will not have injuries that show up way down the line.

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