Car accident tips from a Woodstock Ga, Chiropractor

Car accidents are an unfortunate part of life that many at one time or another will experience.  After all we are all human and prone to mistakes.  While the vast majority are not life threatening, they can still cause lasting lingering effects.  Back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain can linger and transform into chronic conditions that last for years. Follow these car accident tips from a Woodstock chiropractor to minimize the effects.

Prevention Is the Best Medicine

Naturally, avoiding car accidents altogether is the best way to ensure you remain injury-free.  Not all car accidents can be avoided, but you can take measures to reduce the likelihood.  Cell phones distraction is the first place to improve driving habits.   While it is a no brainer not to text and drive many studies have shown talking on the cell phone also increases likelihood of accidents.   If you must talk on your cell phone either purchase the blue tooth feature many cars now a days have built in.

It’s also a bad idea to drive when you are tired, upset or angry. Experiencing strong emotions or struggling to stay awake while operating a motor vehicle is only asking for trouble. If you live in an area that sees a wide range of weather, drive according to the conditions and stay a few miles below the speed limit when possible.  Take the time to keep your brakes and tires in good working order.

A Healthy Body Heals Faster

Keeping your body in good physical condition is another car accident tip from that’s worth following. If you maintain a good fitness level, and your body is strong and flexible, you’ll have a much easier time recovering from most car accidents.  Head and neck injuries have been shown to respond better when there is a strong healthy posture of your neck.   This not only applies to auto accidents but collisions that occur in athletics as well.  That’s not to say you should anticipate being in a car accident, but along with its many other benefits, a healthy body will also help in this department. Any type of regular exercise that helps strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, and increase flexibility is great.

Get Checked Out Quickly

Whether you are in great shape, poor shape, or somewhere in between, it’s important to get your injuries checked out as soon as possible after a car accident. If you wait, scar tissue can become a permanent part of your muscles and tendons, reducing your range of motion and causing pain.   This becomes more difficult to properly treat over time.  If you don’t feel that your injuries warrant a trip to the emergency room, at least book and appointment with a local chiropractic office to ensure you don’t have injuries that may turn into chronic conditions in the future.

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